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Know the common question asked by our client.

How long does my passport have to be valid in order to apply for a visa?

It is usually required that you have at least six (6) months validity on your passport before applying for a visa. You must ensure that the date of expiry of your International passport is minimum six months from the date of application.

Would I require a Visa to visit any country?

You may require a visa to visit certain countries where your passport/citizenship does not qualify for visa exemption while there are other countries you may visit without a visa e.g Nigerians can visit all West African countries without a Visa.

What are Visa requirements?

Visa requirement are simply basic criterias to be fulfilled to proof eligibility of an intending traveller, Visa requirements varies from country to country and it is important to know what is required of you before applying for a Visa.

Does all visa application require an interview?

The right to interview or to exempt an applicant lies with the consulate but certain countires may not require an interview to prrof your eligibility.

I have been denied Visa,can i re-apply?

Yes, you can. Consulars are tasked to ensure all applicants meet the minimum requirement for the class of visa they are applying for. In a case of re-application,you need to prove that your status has changed and also present genuine documents to affirm that.

What is the difference between Visa validity and duration?

Validity refers to the amount of time before a travel document expires. Duration refers to the maximum stay in a country that is permitted on a visa. A Brazilian multiple entry visa may have a validity of five years, however, the maximum duration of stay at any one time is 90 days.

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